How to choose bulletproof vests?

Can bulletproof vests protect the entire body?
The answer is obviously No. There is only one type of bulletproof vest in the world that can protect the entire body - tanks.
A regular military bulletproof vest is actually just a bulletproof insert plate added to the chest and abdomen, similar to the "heart protection mirror" on ancient battlefield armor, to protect deadly parts.
The head, neck, limbs, shoulders, crotch, and bulletproof vest cannot be protected. In certain special circumstances, such as when soldiers do not need to run or move quickly, and do not need to carry many items, more comprehensive bulletproof clothing can be used - along with bulletproof plates on the sides, neck, and thighs. However, such clumsy soldiers have no combat effectiveness on the battlefield and can only die faster, so these types of protective suits are usually only suitable for personnel performing explosive ordnance disposal.