Three very representative bulletproof vests

A bulletproof vest, also known as a bulletproof vest or vest, is a station uniform with individual protective equipment. It is used to protect the human body from bullets or shrapnel. A mortgage loan mainly consists of two parts: a first layer and a bulletproof layer. So, I have some bulletproof vests in the world. Today, we will take a look at the most classic bulletproof vests.

Interceptor bulletproof vest

The interceptor bulletproof vest was developed by the US Army's Biological and Chemical Control Center and a special protection system manufacturing company based in Pennsylvania in the early 1990s. It was gradually equipped by the US military in January 2001.

After the discussion of a new topic by the national military, urban operations are facing new challenges in the new century. Individual protection is increasingly valued by military powers around the world, and the top elements are urgently sought after, with zero casualties for the US military. The interceptor is designed according to the tactical and technical indicators proposed by the US Army, taking into full consideration the various threats of light weapons that may be encountered by soldiers on the future battlefield, while also starting from reducing the quality of bulletproof vests and improving the flexibility of soldiers on the battlefield. It consists of a soft bulletproof vest made of km2 Kevlar fiber material,

The tactical bulletproof jacket consists of three main parts: memory and two rooms in front and back, but the plug-in board is exquisitely made. A boron carbide bulletproof head is installed on the chest and back respectively, and there is also a fixed strap in the chest pocket of this plug-in board to fix the boron carbide ceramic plug-in board.

Liquid bulletproof vest

Liquid bulletproof vests are a new type of liquid made from special liquids. Armor is developed and produced by BAE Company in the UK. The liquid will harden when impacted by bullets, thereby blocking them. This not only provides effective protection for soldiers but also ensures their flexible movement,

No longer limited by bulky traditional bulletproof vests. The liquid bulletproof vest is a new type of liquid armor developed using Kevlar and nanotechnology technology. It can convert more liquid into a solid in less than a second under the action of a magnetic field or current. At the same time, it can also monitor the heart rate, hydration, body temperature, temperature, and liquid bulletproof vest of soldiers. The main component is a characteristic of picking up mysterious liquids, which contain a large amount of suspended non-toxic substances,

Under normal circumstances, ST F is as soft as other liquids, but when the bullet or shrapnel touches it, it will immediately harden.

Dragon scale armor

Dragon scale armor is a bulletproof vest launched by the American company Peak Armor. It consists of small ceramic bulletproof tiles and new bulletproof fibers, forming a plum shaped protective armor similar to medieval scale armor, hence the name Dragon scale armor.

The Dragon Scale Armor will not be penetrated after being hit 40 times at a distance of six meters by 7.62mm standard military bullets, and it can also block 7.62mm steel core armor piercing bullets and 9mm miniature submachine guns, which have no effect on it. Its price is also very expensive. A complete set of Dragon Scale Armor is priced at about 5000 US dollars, which is 3 to 4 times higher than ordinary bulletproof vests. It can be imagined that if the US military were equipped with Dragon Scale Armor, Most rifles and submachine guns in the world become useless.